Vision, Mission and Values


Safe clean water
for the world’s


Making the world a better
place through innovation,
accessibility, and collaboration.


Compassion, integrity,
responsibility, dignity,
and devotion.

People and Passion

Often described as a business enabler by his peers, founder and visionary, David Georgiades, turned his attention to yet another cardinal need, water.

Following his tenure in food manufacturing, packing, and distribution David exited the industry with over 50 years’ experience. He leaves a legacy as brand builder, known for his capacity to formulate, manufacture, and deliver to markets often defined by hardship and inaccessibility.

Central to David’s beliefs, is the premise of delivering value to those who are often forgotten and destitute. Sprouting from this credence , a vision and burning desire was born to formulate a product ingenious in its simplicity and regal in its efficacy.

With this in mind, David drew on his experience and global network, the result, For Life. Rigorous analysis and approval by the world’s leading authorities in conjunction with the overwhelming response from initial market testing accentuated David’s commitment and confidence to pursue, expand, and grow the business.

Still in infancy, the For Life brand has reached the shores of Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa serving the vulnerable with simple, safe, and clean water. All made possible by the culmination of passion, experience, science, technology, and collaboration.

Framed by the organizational values, For Life’s impact on the environment is continuously scrutinized, whether through filling methodology or packaging material properties. Elements managed by co-founder, Carlene Naude, a champion for sustainability.