Impact and Reach

At a cost of less than one US cent per litre of purified water, For Life has the capacity to reach millions of vulnerable and to serve as life-saving preventative conduit to millions more.


Indiscriminately and Unconditionally Presenting the Operational Instruments for Simple Safe Clean Water during Disasters and States of Emergency.


Social Welfare
Children and Refugees Affected by War
Emergency Relief
Water Distress and Infectious Diseases
Natural Disaster Relief


An Essential Ingredient
in any
Field Ration Pack.


Relief Operations
First Responders
Peacekeeping Forces

Outdoor Retail

Your Indispensable Companion
on any Adventure, the Great Outdoors,
and Off The Beaten Track.


Outdoor Enthusiasts
Emergency Kits

The For Life proprietary formulation and active ingredients allow for the transformation of 20 litres of contaminated water with only three grams of product.

Reinforced by our state-of-the-art contract filling and packing facilities over 10 million degradable sachets are made available monthly with substantial capacity to expand production. Product packed, stacked, and wrapped for air, water, and road transport to ensure cost-effective and timeous delivery.

For Life’s simplistic application empowers adolescent use following a simple demonstration. Not only treating contaminated water from both underground and surface water sources fit for human consumption but providing safe clean water for personal hygiene and cooking.

Our vast network of associates, agents, and partners spanning the globe places
Optimum Holdings in a favourable position to serve the needs of those deprived
from nature’s most glorious gift, safe clean water For Life.

Demonstrating application of the FOR LIFE water purifying sachet to International Red Cross and Sisters of the Catholic Church.

Together with Mr. Felix Letsoela and  Trans Vangaurd’s team doing brand activation at disaster management event in Berea District, Lesotho

Our donation of FOR LIFE water purifying sachets to disaster hit Beira, Mozambique. Flown by Mercy Air

Together with Mr Mohan Kanala presenting our FOR LIFE products at the State Level Workshop on liquid waste management in Rural Andhra Pradesh , India

Brand activation at social event in Boseja South Kgotla, Botswana