About Us

Thoughtfully conceived Optimum Holdings and its brand, For Life represents an unwavering virtue. A duality seated in innovation addressing the most severe threat to humanity, safe drinking water. Congruently at the other end of the spectrum, sustainability therefore, Life, For Life.

Envisaged by the premise Life, we have tirelessly engaged science, technology, and experience to develop a product fit to actively fight the plight of the most vulnerable and forsaken. The overwhelming loss of life and distressed well-being of so many around the globe are often preventable. Avoidable only through our collective actions and willingness to apply our minds and resources, a responsibility and commitment Optimum Holdings and For Life fervently accepts.

The sheer scale of water-stressed communities and the world-wide dependence on underground and surface water sources requires a product that not only eliminates bacteria and viruses while removing dirt and heavy-metals but simplicity in application. A product intended for the most vulnerable commands functionality not reliant on inaccessible infrastructure such as electricity. In addition, serving the needs of those in pressing distress the luxury of time or expansive protracted capital investments are not always possible.

Furthermore, a solution to the treatment of contaminated water sources should not have lasting health implications for those utilizing the product over prolonged periods, many do. Our environment and humanity’s longevity are reliant on our attitude and accountability with which we approach challenges. With this in mind, Optimum Holdings and the For Life brand continues to invest in perpetual sustainability.

Our powder-based proprietary formulation delivers simple, safe, and clean water. With as little as three grams, 20 litres of contaminated water is transformed into water fit for human consumption. Tried and incessantly tested by the foremost authorities around the world and packed in a degradable sachet.

With no undesirable health or environmental impact, For Life presents a water treatment solution designed for energy free and simplistic application. Timeously available and packed with pharmaceutical precision, Optimum Holdings can deliver For Life in large quantities around the globe for less than one US cent per litre of simple, safe, and clean water.