Simple Safe Clean Water

Accessible and safe drinking water translates into life.

Lives that are encapsulated in longevity and prolific communities, societies framed in high levels of school attendance, reduced medical expenditure, economically productive activities, and with hope of positive long-term consequential life.

Accessible and safe drinking water translates into life.

Three Grams of For Life Transforms 20 Litres of Contaminated Water.

Our vast network of associates, agents, and partners spanning the globe places Optimum Holdings in a favourable position to serve the needs of those deprived from nature’s most glorious gift, safe clean water For Life.

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Safe clean water
for the world’s


Making the world a better
place through innovation,
accessibility, and collaboration.


Compassion, integrity,
responsibility, dignity,
and devotion.

Thoughtfully conceived Optimum Holdings and its brand, For Life represents an unwavering virtue. A duality seated in innovation addressing the most severe threat to humanity, safe drinking water. Congruently at the other end of the spectrum, sustainability therefore, Life, For Life.

0 million

people lack even a basic drinking water service.


people are estimated to die each year from diarrhoea

0 %

of health care facilities have no water service

For Life Water Purifying Sachets exemplifies innovation in a degradable easy to use sachet and with its multi-functional formulation is ideal for humanitarian, defence, and outdoor retail applications.